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Summer Term Year 5

Welcome back to the summer term.  We have a busy final term ahead of us in Year 5. We welcome Mrs Sheldon as the teacher of 5B and Mrs Rooney will be joining the Year 5 team as a Teaching Assistant. We say goodbye to Mrs Bailey and wish her well for the arrival of her second child.



We start the term by reading and studying classic literature.  This is a challenging unit of work due to the tricky language and longer texts. We want you to try to read some classic literature in your own personal reading – do come and see us if you want some suggestions of classic fiction to try and don’t forget that we have a section of classic fiction in our school library and in class. There are also some excellent film adaptations of classic stories which you could watch. We will name classic authors and look at how long ago their stories were written. We will look in more detail at the work of Tolkien, the stories of Just William, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. We will make comparisons with modern fiction and investigate the older vocabulary used in classic books. To help us with our work we will watch film clips of dramatised classic stories.  We will also be reading and writing play scripts and looking at accents and dialects.

In the second half of the term we will begin a class reader – “There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom” by Louis Sachar. You might want to try some of his other books to read but please do not read this one as we want you to all share discovering the main character, Bradley, in class.

We continue to use Reciprocal Reading in our two Guided Reading sessions and we are also starting one lesson of comprehension each week.

Our spellings this term will focus on prefixes and suffixes and the ie/ei rule.



Our work this term in Maths begins with long multiplication and long division and the multiplication and division of decimals. We shall revisit angles – in particular, angles within geometric shapes. We shall also look at scaling – increasing and decreasing the size and dimensions of 3D shapes, including some model making. We shall scale recipes up and down by using ratio and proportion. Arithmetic skills and real life Maths will be  focus areas this term.



For the first half of the term our topic work is based on Geography. We are covering Pure Geography – learning how to name and use lines of longitude and latitude and working out the time in different time zones of the world. We will look at the globe – hemispheres, climatic zones and continents. Then we will find out about natural disasters – focusing on plate tectonics and earthquakes.

Later in the term our focus moves to History and we will investigate the Vikings and decide whether they were invaders or settlers.


Art and Design

In Art we are studying the natural world and will look at close observational drawing and still life. We shall link the painting of flowers to plant life cycles in Science. We will also be sewing this term!



Our Science work includes work on Forces – looking at gravity, air resistance and buoyancy. At the end of term we will study animal  life cycles, including looking at the human life cycle and puberty, pregnancy and childbirth as part of our link with Sex and Relationships Education.


Other subjects

5A now have the opportunity to learn to play a woodwind or brass instrument with our specialist Music teachers. PE lessons will cover striking and fielding skills and athletics. ICT will be taught every Monday by Mrs Tavender, our teacher from Turn It On.

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