Spring Curriculum 2020



This term we will be teaching our second unit from our Talk 4 Writing scheme – focusing on writing information texts. We will base this writing on endangered animals and look closely at killer whales, Polar bears and giant pandas. We shall also let the children research and present information on an endangered animal which interests them. We shall learn all the techniques to write a clear and precise information text.

 In the second half of the term our Talk 4 Writing scheme moves nicely on to narratives based on the story of This Morning I Met A Whale by Micheal Morpurgo. We shall write a meeting tale and work on persuasive speeches.


This term we will begin by reviewing long multiplication and then tackle long division, in particular, dividing by two-digit numbers. We will then be working on Measures – completing practical work reading scales of length, weight and capacity and then converting between units of measures. We shall start to look at imperial measures and convert between miles and kilometres and centimetres and inches. We will also read and interpret timetables using 24 hour times. Year 5 will then move on to Data Handling – constructing and reading line graphs and simple pie charts. We shall challenge ourselves to create surveys and then decide how to gather and present the data we have found in the best way.

Every Friday the children will focus on applying the skills they have learnt in the week to problems and real-life contexts. This is also the day we complete Cracking Times Tables.


Our term of Science kicks off with our unit on Space. Throughout this unit, we will be looking at the relative size of the earth, sun and moon, why we have night and day and the changing seasons – learning about the tilt, orbit and rotation of the earth. We shall look at changing times of sunrise and sunset and how this gives us varying day lengths. The children will keep a moon diary to chart the phases of the moon. We shall also enjoy finding out about all the planets of our solar system.

After half term, our work will move onto Forces – looking at the debate between Aristotle and Galileo of exactly what influences the speed of dropping objects. We shall investigate gravity, air resistance and upthrust. 


Linking nicely with our work on the Earth In Space in Science, we will look at Pure Geography. Year 5 will study the globe – learning to recognise and use lines of latitude and longitude and locating the equator, tropics, Poles and the Prime Meridian. We shall also name the continents and look at different time zones. We then move on to Natural Disasters – looking at the inside of the earth, plate tectonics and earthquakes.

Art, Design and Technology

This term the children will be working on Perspectives –  using the box frame and vanishing points to create interior and exterior views. Children will look at streets and buildings and learn how to draw these in proportion. We will create pop-up cityscapes and design earthquake-proof buildings. In the second half of the term, we will start to work on Textiles – telling stories using textile collages and making cushions by working on our sewing techniques.


This term we will be continuing our PSHE programme based around Safer Lifestyles. We will look at Managing Risk – how to look after ourselves and keep safe as we gain in independence. The books based on Scaredy Squirrel will help us to face our fears and to try new experiences.


Computing will continue to be taught by Mr Azad of the Junior Jam team – children will continue with their coding. They also cover a variety of musical skills, composing and playing a variety of music using technology.


This is the term in which Year 5 goes swimming. Each class will swim for 5 weeks on a Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Green will teach PE to both classes on a Thursday.


We begin 2020 with 5B completing their music sessions with the Bucks woodwind and brass music teachers. Halfway through the term, 5A will then start these lessons. Some Year 5 pupils are also involved in the Energize 2020 concert – singing, dancing and drumming.


Either Maths or  English homework is given out every Thursday and is due in on the following Tuesday. Each piece of homework should take 30-40 minutes to complete. On top of this, we expect the children to be learning their spellings in the weeks they have them and to practise their times tables.


We will continue to follow a variety of spelling rules and patterns – this term focusing on the endings of cial/tial, ible/able, ibly/ably ant/ent as well as homophones and some of the Year 5 and 6 statutory words. Some of the rules take longer than a week to learn and so spelling tests are not always each week – look out for spelling test lists given along with the date of the test.


Home School Books are checked every Monday. The expectation is that there are at least 4 pieces of reading logged for every week and that a parent has signed that week’s page.

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