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Year 5 Autumn Term


Welcome back to Year 5. We have a busy and exciting term ahead of us.


This term the teachers in 5A will be Miss Wolfe and Mrs Baker and in 5B, Mrs Bailey and Miss Weston. Miss Wolfe teaches on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Thursday mornings, then Mrs Baker teaches the rest of Thursday and on Friday. Mrs Bailey teaches Monday to Wednesday and Miss Weston teaches Thursday and Friday. Mrs Lees, Mrs Bravington and Mrs Prior will be our Learning Support Assistants. Mrs Bailey will teach Spanish for one lesson a week to each class on a Monday. Mrs Tavender, our specialist ICT teacher, will teach computing on a Monday and Mr Green will teach PE on a Tuesday; the class teachers will teach a second PE lesson on Fridays. Year 5 will also have the opportunity again to be taught Music by the specialist teachers from Buckinghamshire Music Service on a Friday morning – 5B will start with this for the first half of the year, swopping over to 5A in the spring. We will be working closely with Bucks Music Service this year as we are taking part in the Buckinghamshire concert at the Albert Hall in March 2019.


This term in English we will begin with reading and writing Greek myths. We will look in depth at two stories – The Labours of Hercules and the story of the Trojan horse. We will discover the worlds of mythical creatures and debate what makes a true hero. Our work in English ties in nicely with our study of the Ancient Greeks in History where we will learn about the family tree of the gods and goddesses and look at the opposing views of the cities of Athens and Sparta, as well as finding out about the wars between the Greeks and the Persians. We will learn about the life of Alexander the Great and debate the case of the Elgin marbles.


We will have two Reciprocal Reading sessions each week – small groups of children are guided by an adult to unpick texts by summarising and predicting plots and clarifying vocabulary. Two spelling lessons are timetabled – spellings this term focus on ough words, silent letters and words with the suffixes of us/ous, cious/tious, sion/tion and  ible/able.


In Maths we will begin with place value and then move on to developing our calculation skills – revising addition and subtraction and introducing long multiplication and division. Work with fractions, decimals and percentages is a large area of Maths in Year 5 and we shall commence this by finding equivalent fractions and converting between improper and mixed fractions. We shall look at properties of two and three dimensional shapes – looking at area, perimeter and angles. We will collect data and interpret graphs and work with measures and scales. Work in Science will begin by classifying and sorting materials and then testing materials by carrying out fair tests associated with strength, transparency and thermal conductors. We will then move on to the study the states of matter, reversible and irreversible changes and separating and mixing solids and liquids.


RE lessons, taught by Mrs Prior, will cover special places of worship and the reading of parables. Our Art work centres around the study of birds – we will work on our drawing skills and then print designs and model with clay. We are going to be helped by a talented local artist whose work specialises in the study of birds.


Year 5 will attend a football tournament at the end of September as part of our Schools Sport Partnership with Holmer Green secondary and will have the opportunity to work on Cycling Proficiency in November. We will join with the whole school in November in our special remembrance week. Some Year 5 children will spend a day this half term at a course run by Bucks CC training as special ambassadors for online safety.


The setting of homework will be different this academic year. The children will be set Maths and English homework on alternate weeks. Maths homework will focus on reasoning and word problems and will be given out and marked with the children on a fortnightly basis in Friday’s Maths lessons. English homework will be given out on Thursdays. All homework is due in on the Tuesday after being given out. Spellings will be sent home roughly every fortnight – once we have taught and practised the spelling pattern and rule in school. Spelling tests will be given on a Tuesday or Wednesday – we will tell the children the exact day when we hand out the spellings. Reading regularly is vital for success. We expect the children to read a wide variety of genres and authors. Four records of reading a week in the Home School Book is our minimum expectation – we would love to see more, along with your written thoughts and comments about the book. Home School Books will be checked every Monday.


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