Year 5

Autumn Curriculum 2020


This term we will be teaching our first unit from our Talk 4 Writing scheme – focusing on suspense writing. We will be using the text ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Field Guide’. Throughout this topic, we will look at openings and build up and how tension and suspense is built through our writing. 

In the second half of the term our Talk 4 Writing scheme will continue to build on our suspense writing with a focus on writing an exciting story which contains suspense based on a plot of overcoming fear. Our text will be ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles – Lucinda’s Secret’. 


This term we will continue with our Inspire learning journey. The first units are based around number and place value, working on numbers to hundred thousands. We revise using the four basic operations and then extend this into using multiple operations and the rules behind how to do this.


Our first term of Science will begin with Materials, we will be looking at properties of Materials, thinking about their purposes. We will carry out investigations to see which materials would be suitable to make various equipment. We will be focusing on key scientific vocabulary. 


The first topic for Geography this year will focus around our local area – looking at the Chilterns in more detail. Studying local maps and looking at features of our local area. We will look at the physical effects of the HS2 development. 


Our first topic will be the Ancient Greeks, where we will be looking at the location of Greece, it’s climate and how modern Greece is very different to Ancient Greece. We will look at daily life, city states – particularly Athens and Sparta, Greek theatre, Alexander the Great, Battles, the Olympics and Greek Mythology. 


Art, Design and Technology

This term we will be teaching our first unit from our new Art and DT scheme, ‘Kapow’. For the first half term, we will be focusing our Art topic on Formal Elements: Architecture. The children will learn how to draw from observation, create a print and draw from different perspectives. They learn about the role of an architect and are challenged to consider why houses look the way they do and if there is scope to change and improve them. 

After half term we will be doing Design and Technology. 


This term we will be introducing our new PSHE/RSE programme called Jigsaw. Our first Puzzle topic is ‘Being Me in My World’, which covers a wide range of topics, including a sense of belonging, welcoming others and being part of a school community, a wider community, and a global community; it also looks at children’s rights and responsibilities, working and socialising with others, and pupil voice.

After half term, our topic will be ‘Celebrating Differences’, which focuses on similarities and differences and teaches about diversity, such as disability, racism, power, friendships, and conflict; children learn to accept everyone’s right to ‘difference’. We will be exploring bullying – what it is and what it isn’t, including cyber and homophobic bullying – is an important aspect of this Puzzle.


Computing will be taught by Mrs Legg, ensuring that children have an up to date knowledge of e-safety and basic processing skills to operate our google technology efficiently.


This is the term we will be working through a Dance program all about Zumba. We are really looking forward to having fun learning some dance moves. 

Mr Green will be working with the children on Wednesdays, they will be continuing with their outdoor games skills. 


We begin Autumn 2020 with 5B beginning their music sessions with the Bucks Music Teachers, learning  to play brass instruments. Halfway through the year, 5A will then have their turn. 


Homework for the new school year will be on Google Classroom. This will alternate between English and Maths and will be uploaded onto the system each Thursday and children will be expected to complete their work and submit it back to the teacher on or before the following Tuesday. 


These will be delivered following a scheme or a specific provision, depending on their need. The spellings will be tested in school  on a Friday, most weeks or every other week if we feel the spelling rule will need longer to learn.


Children will read for 10 minutes in class every day and will do Guided reading in small groups twice a week. There is an expectation that the children read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day at home, either a book from home or on Accelerated Reader. They should log their reading using the online form in their google classroom on a daily basis. Children to try and do 1-2 quizzes per week. As the children read larger books they will need to look at shorter news articles to fulfil this need for a quiz.


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