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Year 6 Summer Term


This term in English we will be looking at journalistic writing, with the aim of writing our own newspaper article about the Boscastle flooding. We will also be linking some of our key writing to our Titanic project. We will be doing lots of writing this term to make sure the children all cover the standards expected of the year group!


This term we will be revising a number of topics such as: fractions, percentages of amounts, area and perimeter, time, ratio and proportion, shape and calculating using the four operations in word problems. We will also be covering mathematical skills during a Young Enterprise project.


This term we will be covering our topic of light, this will include lots of investigations about how light travels, the angles of light and how we can use light.


We will be carrying out a Titanic project that will include various elements of the History of the Titanic, looking at evidence and researching life at the time of the Titanic.


Rivers is our topic in Geography this term, we will be studying various rivers around the UK and the world. Looking into the progress of rivers, how rivers help us, the uses of rivers around the world and how the river is formed.

Art and Design

We will be linking our art and design to our Titanic project, drawing pictures of the Titanic in various forms. We will also be carrying out a Young Enterprise project and will need to include some art and design within our marketing.


World issues will be a focus for this term, for example; the plight of refugees, climate change. We will also be covering Sex Education after half term. We will also be carrying out a Young Enterprise project, the children will have an opportunity to create their own product or service – market, work out costings and hopefully make a profit from their hard work!


Turn It On are continuing to work with the children this term and will be creating Top Trump cards as well as making a Year Book of wonderful memories!


Homework is given out every Thursday, and is due in on the following Tuesday. One subject, either English or Maths, will be handed out. After half term, project work will be set instead of this.


Spelling tests happen every Friday morning.

Spelling tests will continue until the end of the year, we will continue to look at the Yr. 5 and 6 Curriculum words.


Home School Books are checked every Monday, with the expectation that there are at least 4 pieces of reading logged for every week and that a parent has signed that week’s page.


The main focus after half term will be the Year 6 production. A huge amount of time and effort is spent ensuring the children put on a fantastic performance. Children will soon be auditioning for different parts and we are hoping for some solo singers too!


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