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Year 6 Autumn Curriculum – 2019



This term in English we will be looking at autobiographies and biographies, taking a look at those written on or by famous people before writing our own. We will also be reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty and a variety of World War 2 texts such as Little Ships. Using these, we will be writing letters, diary entries and descriptions of how lives were affected. After half term, we will be writing balanced arguments and voicing our opinions on some controversial issues.


This term, across three groups, we will be looking at place value and securing our understanding of the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. In our data handling units, we will be working out different averages of data and interpreting line graphs and pie charts, before constructing our own based on a murder mystery! Lastly, we will learn how to convert between different units of measurement such as weight, length and capacity. Each group will be taking part in exciting weekly investigations.


Our year of Science kicks off with our unit ‘Living things and their habitats.’ Throughout this unit, we will be looking at the work and discoveries of Aristotle and Linneaus, before learning about the three types of microorganisms and creating our very own one with plasticine. We will also be creating our own classification keys based on leaves and plants, involving the school grounds. Lastly, we will be designing our own animals to adapt in a special new environment discovered by the WWF. 


We have bought back WW2 into the curriculum for Year 6 which is very exciting. We will be learning about the different leaders, the role Hitler played in the war, evacuation and how it affected thousands of children, the battle of Dunkirk and the final solution. As part of this topic, we will be embarking on a wonderful trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum where the children can go into a bunker, hear an air raid siren and experience the different types of shelters! 


Our topic of Planet Protectors begins this term, looking at the current concerns people have in the world and how we can help to combat global warming and climate change. This includes learning about recycling, energy reduction, eco-footprints and which countries conserve the most energy. We will also debate the use of the plastic bag, and learn about where our food comes from and how far it has travelled.

Art and Design

This term we will be learning about composition. The children will organise a chosen selection of objects to create an artistic effect. Using the skill of sketching, they will use observation and sketch their design using shape and line. They will then use complementary colours and enhance their painting skills to produce a finished piece. 


PSHE will address resilience, self-esteem, confidence and ways in which to deal with different emotions. We will be looking at goals for the coming year, facing adversity, global issues, friendships and conflict resolutions. We are working really hard on our emotions and wellbeing – we will be learning about our 4 Zones of Regulation and how we can all be ready to learn. 


Year 6 will be learning how algorithms can be used to solve problems in programming. They will be using Scratch to design and write programs for a specific purpose and will use logical reasoning to detect and correct errors within them. In E-Safety, the children will be looking at sensible choices about online gaming, mobile phones and the internet. The children will also be using different software to create presentations in our multimedia unit, specifically using Prezi. Lastly, the children will be learning how to use search engines, such as Google, effectively.  The children will be supported with these learning outcomes with some teachers from Junior Jam.


Year 6 weekly Spanish lesson will cover a variety of topics including colours, numbers, everyday conversations. the children will play games and be encouraged to interact as much as possible in Spanish. 


The children will be learning about the importance of pilgrimage to believers.


PE is taught by outside specialist PE teachers – ‘Premier Sports’. PE sessions will be Monday and Wednesday. It is really important to have indoor and outdoor equipment ready for both sessions.


Maths or English homework is given out every Thursday and is due in on the following Tuesday. Each piece of homework should take 30-40 minutes to complete. On top of this, we expect the children to be learning their spellings for year 6 and completing their reading diaries. There may be some topic homework over the term, this will replace English or Maths one week. 


This term we will be focusing on a variety of spelling rules for Year 6.  Spelling tests will not take place each week, we will let the children know when they will have a spelling test and give the children a weeks notice.  The children will also be expected to learn the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings and these will be included in their lessons, there may be some tests that just focus on these words.  


Home School Books are checked every week; with the expectation that there are at least 4 pieces of reading logged for every week and that a parent has signed that week’s page.




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